Spring is the perfect time of the year to start planning for field trips. Whether you run a daycare or are a teacher, you know that experiencing new places is always a fun learning experience for the kids. There are several places within any given city that can serve as an entertaining and educational field trip for your kiddos. You choose the location in or near Miami, and leave the school bus transportation to us. Here are some ideas of places to plan your next field trip:

Manufacturing Plant

Head to a nearby factory. Whether the factory manufactures cars, toys, or food, assembly lines are fascinating to kids. It is good for them to learn about the process in which something is made, and what materials are used to formulate the final product.


Heading to a farm is another interesting setting for a field trip. Call a local fruit farm and set up a day that you can bring your students by to take a tour and learn about the farming process.  When it comes to farms, it is good to consider the time of year in which that particular farm will be thriving and go during that time period.

Fire Department/ Police Station

If you have kids that are interested in becoming a part of local law enforcement or a firefighter, this is the perfect field trip. The kids will be thrilled to learn more about their local heros, see what a day in the life of one of these careers look like, and maybe slide down a firepole or take a spin in a squad car.

The Zoo

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t enjoy a trip to the zoo. Kids love seeing all of the animals and learning fun facts about those animals. It may be best to avoid doing this trip in the spring, when the animals are mating to avoid having other conversations regarding the zoo.

Exotic Animals

Up your field trip game, and go a step up from the zoo. Find an exotic animal farm, or rehabilitation center for animals that are generally not seen in the zoo. The kids will get a kick out of getting to learn about and view animals that they don’t normally get to see.

Fish Hatchery

Taking the kids to a fish hatchery can be a very interesting experience. Learn about the species of fish that are used to stock certain bodies of water, the quantities, and reasoning.

Wildlife/Nature Preserve

Learn about animal and plant species in their natural habitat. Find out how they live, what they eat, and how they spend their days.

Local News Station

Take the kids to the local news station to watch the news be filmed, visit with the newscast, and explore their office. The kids will love meeting someone that they see on tv on a regular basis, and will be intrigued learning about the art of newscasting.

No matter where you are headed for your next field trip adventure, rest assured that the school bus transportation in Miami provided by Oliveros will get your and your kiddos to and from your prospective location safely and in a timely manner.