The kids are out of school for winter break and there are stay at home parents out there that are already pulling their hair out. At A. Oliveros Transportation we get you. Being a family owned and operated company, that has been serving the school bus transportation needs of Hialeah since 1985, we have seen our fair share of winter breaks. We have put together this little survival guide for you parents out there that are stuck with a threenager, a sassy tween or a sarcastic high schooler.  

  1. Keep extra batteries for the TV remote control. Trust us on this one, the channels on your  TV will be flipped and flipped often. Better yet, hide the remote control! This will provide your children with a minimal amount of exercise, that is if they decide to get up and change the channel. Be sure and leave it on the educational channel, you know, just in case.
  2. Buy only apples, oranges and kale for snacks. The teen and pre-teen brain is wired to live off of a diet of primarily sugar and instilling good eating habits into their sucrose soaked brains. Don’t forget, however, that hiding Twinkies and cupcakes is perfectly acceptable. A good spot is hard to find, so don’t get busted sneaking a treat.
  3. Get all of the other stay-at-home parents to charter a bus from A. Oliveros Transportation and take an afternoon off. We can take you to the beach, the bowling alley or even to South Beach for margaritas.

In all seriousness, the best way to enjoy the winter break is to spend as much quality time with your kids as possible. The day when they no longer need mom or dad is fast approaching and cherishing the time you have together is what winter break is all about, well, that and finding new places to hide your cupcakes.