The roads are a dangerous place. Every day we hear about terrible accidents in Miami and the surrounding areas. It is imperative that the vehicles we drive are safe and without any issues. That is why Oliveros Transportation is your best choice for school bus transportation. We are committed to getting your most precious cargo to school on time. With the summer upon us, it may be time to consider Oliveros for a reliable transportation services. Kids may need to get to summer school or daycamp. We are the safest option for getting your little ones to their destination.

Commitment to safetyentire-team

At Oliveros we hold safety to be the pinnacle of a successful transportation company. This begins with qualified drivers who embrace the culture of safety. We do a walkaround before the bus is put into service. This is the first defence against the dangers of the road, making sure you have a safe vehicle. It is critical that before you attempt to navigate the tough streets that you eliminate all of the variables within your control.

We can get you there

Need a ride to the Marlins game for you and 20 of your buddies? We can do that! How about getting the under-10 soccer team to the field? We have you covered. Oliveros Transportation can do much more than get your kids to school; we can get you anywhere you need to be! So make sure you call today for a free quote! We can get you where you need to go.