Lets face it, construction is generally happening year round and all over the city of Hialeah. Construction already causes traffic congestion and delays that can continue on for weeks or even months. When many workers are on the site at the same time, it can also be difficult to find places for all of the construction workers to park their vehicles without causing more of a disruption to traffic.

Sound familiar?

If this sounds like something that your construction company regularly deals with, eliminate driving and gas cost for your employees by shuttling them to their designated construction site in a bus from A. Oliveros Transportation company. Our bus transportation services of Hialeah are easy to use and save your workers and the general public the hassle of fifty vehicles or more all on one construction site.

Employee regulation

Using bus transportation for  your employees to travel in an out of a construction site also allows you to regulate where your employees are at all times. Put together a check in system for entering and exiting the bus in both the morning and afternoon. The bus will take them to the site at a certain time and pick them up at a certain time to regulate employee hours.

Let A. Oliveros Transportation make your employee management and construction processes simpler with bus transportation for all of your employees to their prospective sites. They will be happy to save money on fuel and other car expenses, and civilians will be happy to have more driving space due to severely decreased side vehicle clutter.