When planning that next field trip to the museum, you will want to hire the transportation company with the highest safety record to drive the school kids there and back carefully. There is nothing worse than having to add worry with poor driving or bad habits that make the drive to the museum unsafe or questionable on the day of a trip with a large group of kids. Added chaos is appealing to very few people.

There are many educational museums for kids to visit in the Miami area. The art, architecture and history of the Freedom Tower or the Miami Museum of Science. It’s crucial for the bus transportation in and around Hialeah to be top of the line when going on a trip during the school day. Having a driver who is knowledgeable about the area, the best routes to take and traffic is crucial in taking advantage of the most time in the museums.

Instead of chaos, plan a trip where the transportation goes smoothly and sets the tone for the field trip. Safety is important when traveling, no matter the distance to and from the target location. Hire the best for your trip.

At A. Oliveros Transportation, we pride ourselves in transporting people safely. It’s our #1 priority. In addition to our high standard of safety, we carry the highest level of insurance possible for a transportation company. For the last 25 years, we have only hired qualified professional bus drivers, they go through a mandatory training after hire. The buses are in top functioning order and go through regular weekly maintenance checks.