1. Bus Rides To Remember

    When in high school it is great to get involved. You can join a club, play a sport, or be known for taking AP classes. Getting involved with your peers is a great way to increase your high school experience. Some of the best memories from high school are bus rides to and from sporting events or other team activities. On the bus you can hear chatter, laughter, tears, inquiries, remarks, and cheers.…Read More

  2. Got a New Job? Need Transportation for your Child? AOT Has you Covered with Bus Transportation

    You work full-time and you have kids who need to be able to get to school. You worry about finding safe transportation that you trust for your kids and feel it’s a difficult task. You have asked around to friends and family and have yet to find someone who’s availability allows them to take and pick up your kids from school. You know there is an option out there, but public transportation isn…Read More

  3. Are You Where You Want to Be?: Bus Transportation (Hialeah ) with A. Oliveros

    What is the point of education? Is it just the checking of boxes that keep piling up until we’ve managed to collect enough tick-marks to earn a degree, or is it something a little bit more important than that? Education is the opportunity to make of ourselves what we wish to be—we become fuller, enriched, and passionate in ways that we never knew were possible when we find the passion for educ…Read More

  4. Our Drivers Provide Cautionary Student Transportation In Miami

    We know just how much your child's safety means to you, because most of us have children of our own. Their safety is a number one priority, as it comes first, before any other demands of this world. Your kids are also the next generation and we know just how important it is for them to get to school on time, furthering their potential learning absorption. That's why we take great pride in running …Read More