1. Construction Site Transport

    Transportation can be an issue when you are in the construction industry. A construction site, particularly in Miami, is generally not easy to access. A. Oliveros Transportation is the local solution for all of your transportation needs. We offer private school bus service, special event shuttle, athletic team transportation, and even construction site solutions. We run our busses and shuttles yea…Read More

  2. Winter Break Survival Guide

    The kids are out of school for winter break and there are stay at home parents out there that are already pulling their hair out. At A. Oliveros Transportation we get you. Being a family owned and operated company, that has been serving the school bus transportation needs of Hialeah since 1985, we have seen our fair share of winter breaks. We have put together this little survival guide for you pa…Read More

  3. Transportation Services For 2017

    As the holidays seem to sneak up on us faster every year, it is then that we realize that the school year is essentially half over. It is a time of holiday parties, spending time with friends and family, and reflecting back on the wonderful year that has past. The weather is getting nicer and it is shaping up to be an amazing holiday season. A. Oliveros Transportation would like to be your transpo…Read More

  4. A. Oliveros, Offering Unrivaled Bus Services

    If you are a teacher, you know. If you are a teacher and a parent, you truly know. You know how valuable it is to have a bus transportation service to fall back on when you need one. Sure, the public school buses are just fine, but A. Oliveros Transportation offers much more than simply a safe, efficient way to get your children to school, we offer a variety of services that you may not even reali…Read More

  5. Bus Transportation to Sun Life Stadium!

    Guess what time it is? No not garbage day, but that reminds me… Anyway that’s right, it is the most magical time of year, and that time is football season. The chase for Super Bowl 51 begins and the lights of Friday night are beacons to the happiest places on earth. The Dolphins are playing as well as can be expected, of course the season is one week old. That is beside the point however and t…Read More

  6. A Special Time

    Standing by the curb, you both look down the street for the school bus; it is the first day of school and the nerves are running high. With a gentle smile, mommy leans over and hugs her daughter; these are the moments that they both will remember for the rest of their lives. The shaking anticipation, a sense of purpose, a new year full of promise and it all begins as soon as the bus arrives. Way d…Read More

  7. We Will Get You There!

    The roads are a dangerous place. Every day we hear about terrible accidents in Miami and the surrounding areas. It is imperative that the vehicles we drive are safe and without any issues. That is why Oliveros Transportation is your best choice for school bus transportation. We are committed to getting your most precious cargo to school on time. With the summer upon us, it may be time to consider …Read More

  8. Safety Is The Key

    The most important concept for us is the safety of our passengers. We want you to feel safe with us and that includes keeping our school busses in exceptional condition. For the safety of every one of our passengers and the other drivers on the road, Oliveros Transportation hires the most qualified drivers possible. Safety conscious individuals are the cornerstone of any trusted transportation com…Read More

  9. Maintenance and Certifications: Part 1

    At  A. Oliveros Transportation our standard is a culture of safety. We do not believe that the safety of our passengers is negotiable. In order to provide our customers with the safest possible transportation, ourare subject to a comprehensive inspection and maintenance program. We are in the business of transporting the most precious cargo imaginable and it is imperative that our equipment is pe…Read More

  10. You Plan The Field Trip, We Will Bring The Transportation

    Spring is the perfect time of the year to start planning for field trips. Whether you run a daycare or are a teacher, you know that experiencing new places is always a fun learning experience for the kids. There are several places within any given city that can serve as an entertaining and educational field trip for your kiddos. You choose the location in or near Miami, and leave the school bus tr…Read More