1. A. Oliveros, Offering Unrivaled Bus Services

    If you are a teacher, you know. If you are a teacher and a parent, you truly know. You know how valuable it is to have a bus transportation service to fall back on when you need one. Sure, the public school buses are just fine, but A. Oliveros Transportation offers much more than simply a safe, efficient way to get your children to school, we offer a variety of services that you may not even reali…Read More

  2. We Will Get You There!

    The roads are a dangerous place. Every day we hear about terrible accidents in Miami and the surrounding areas. It is imperative that the vehicles we drive are safe and without any issues. That is why Oliveros Transportation is your best choice for school bus transportation. We are committed to getting your most precious cargo to school on time. With the summer upon us, it may be time to consider …Read More

  3. You Plan The Field Trip, We Will Bring The Transportation

    Spring is the perfect time of the year to start planning for field trips. Whether you run a daycare or are a teacher, you know that experiencing new places is always a fun learning experience for the kids. There are several places within any given city that can serve as an entertaining and educational field trip for your kiddos. You choose the location in or near Miami, and leave the school bus tr…Read More

  4. Transportation To Your Construction Site

    Lets face it, construction is generally happening year round and all over the city of Hialeah. Construction already causes traffic congestion and delays that can continue on for weeks or even months. When many workers are on the site at the same time, it can also be difficult to find places for all of the construction workers to park their vehicles without causing more of a disruption to traffic. …Read More

  5. Holiday Party Transportation

    Are you looking to celebrate with your co-workers during the holiday season but keep running into transportation snags? Don’t let transportation ruin your holiday fun and bonding! Call A. Oliveros Transportation to shuttle you and your co-workers out for a memorable night on the town in a private school bus. No need to worry about drinking and driving. Sometimes, you just need to let loose and h…Read More

  6. When To Stop For A School Bus

    At A. Oliveros Transportation, the safety of our passengers is our number one concern, and although we have a well-trained, trustworthy, and reliable staff, our buses are not the only vehicles on the road. It is the responsibility of every Florida driver to familiarize him/herself with the state’s traffic laws, but many of us fall short. The laws regarding conduct around school buses are in plac…Read More

  7. Rent A Private School Bus Service For Your Party In Hialeah

    Do you dream of a fun and exciting party that’s outside the box? We have some ideas for you! The best part is that when you coordinate with A. Oliveros Transportation, you can invite all of your friends with you to your party since you can rent a private school bus service to take you around the Hialeah and Miami areas. Cocktail Canvas Take as many as 25 of your friends into a B.Y.O.B. paint cla…Read More