Do you have a big event on the horizon? Are you in the middle of planning a corporate retreat or maybe a company event? The detail that most people fail to consider is the fact that, many times an event will run much more smoothly with transportation services. At A.Oliveros Transportation we are much more than a school bus service, while we are the safest way to get your little ones to school and back home everyday, we also offer a variety of options for special event transportation.

Wedding Transportation

Take away the hassle of having everyone meet at the same time and contact A. Oliveros for your next event. If you are having a wedding, offering your guests the opportunity to be shuttled safely from the venue to the reception. Transporting your guests takes the stress out of the wedding and ensures that, all will arrive safely.

Corporate Event Transportation

Corporate events and teambuilding opportunities are becoming common in the workplace. The dilemma with corporate events is the fact that a large part of team bonding occurs in the times that are not sanctioned. Utilizing A. Oliveros Transportation for your corporate events ensures that all of your employees will arrive safely and on time. Transporting them as a group will allow for bonding among your team and enhance the goal of your team building exercise.

Family Reunions

Do you have a large family and it is time for the family reunion? Consider utilizing A. Oliveros Transportation services to help those out of town guests experience the reunion without having the stress of getting to where they need to go.

Field Trips

If your school or church has plans for a field trip, carpooling will work in a pinch but, A. Oliveros Transportation services can keep everyone together and take the worry out of your next field trip.   

At A. Oliveros bus and shuttle services, we are equipped to handle any size event and get you and your guests safely to your destination. Contact us today for pricing and details!