The kids are fighting in the living room and you are curled up in the pantry with a box of Pop-tarts®. School starts in a little over a month, and you are pretty sure that the kids will be in some sort of a military style camp for five-year-olds. Mommy needs a day off before she is driven crazy with all of the insanity that is summer vacation. Take heart, as long as the start of the school year feels like it is away, it will be here before you even have a chance to blink. Time to think about the sweet victory of escorting your little ones onto the school bus and feeling the rush of freedom when the door closes. Oliveros Transportation is a private school bus service that serves Hialeah and Miami-Dade county with safe transportation of your little ones to the golden gates of the school year.

Magic Carpet

Think of us as your ambassadors to nine months of peaceful days, quiet afternoons and of course, pedicures. It may be an exaggeration that the summer months are rough on the mom’s who stay home with the kiddos. Then again, how do you explain the popularity of “mommy happy hours” that have cropped up on the first day of school around the country? So, for all of the mom’s who are fortunate enough to spend the summer shuttling your kiddos around, let Oliveros Transportation take over and drive them to school.   

Safety First

We care about each and every one of your children; our foremost goal is to get them safely to school and back home again. We want you to relax and be secure in the fact that we have an impeccable safety record and your children will be safe. So now that you have school transportation taken care of, come on out of the pantry Mommy, and get those kids to the pool because summer vacation will be over before you know it!