Do you dream of a fun and exciting party that’s outside the box? We have some ideas for you! The best part is that when you coordinate with A. Oliveros Transportation, you can invite all of your friends with you to your party since you can rent a private school bus service to take you around the Hialeah and Miami areas.

Cocktail Canvas

Take as many as 25 of your friends into a B.Y.O.B. paint class to create artistic memories. Have a drink and paint – does it get better than that?

Red, the Steakhouse

Finish off your day and get ready for the night with some fun food tasting at Red, the Steakhouse’s “Secret Ingredient” tasting competition. The chef starts with a ceviche-and-tartare demonstration where the group guesses the secret ingredient. Then, the group is split into two teams to create their own recipes using secret ingredients which will be judged by the restaurant. It’s fun and filling!

Yacht Charter

Finish off the night with a yacht cruise in and around Biscayne Bay. Rent out the yacht for your entire group to enjoy some drinks on the sea! It’s a way for you to escape the city and have some great time without the crowds. And if crowds are your thing, you can hit the town for some drinks after sailing because you know AOT will provide you a safe ride back home.

These unique party ideas are sure to create tangible evidence and memories that will last a lifetime. You can count on AOT’s private school bus service to keep everyone together and get everyone to each new destination safely. Call today or click here to book your bus!