Ah, the start of a new school year. Children, with parents in tow, wait patiently each morning for the bus to pick them up and head to school. There are some important things to remember for your child’s safety at the bus stop.

Stay Out Of The Danger Zone

The Danger Zone is within 10 steps of the bus in all directions. A school bus is a large vehicle. With many children around the area, the necessity to stay clear is strong. As a parent with small children, keep your kids outside of the Danger Zone to prevent any accidents due to blind spots. If you’re not getting on the bus, stay where the driver can see you. Please do not go behind the bus.

Walk. Don’t Run.

Even though we are all anxious to get to school each and every day, it’s important to walk to the bus stop. Walk on the sidewalk for an added safety barrier. If you live in a neighborhood without sidewalks, the safe practice is to walk on the left side of the street. This way you are facing traffic and you can see cars heading your way. Even though playing tag sounds fun while waiting for the bus, it’s not worth accidentally running into the street to avoid getting tagged. It’s much harder to avoid a vehicle. If your children get bored while waiting at the bus stop, suggest a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors to pass the time.

Essentially you can keep your children safe by keeping them out of the Danger Zone except when boarding the bus, walk on the sidewalk when heading to the bus stop, and stay out of the street while you’re waiting for your A. Oliveros school transportation to arrive and take you to school in Hialeah, FL.