Have you caught the summer fever? Is your end-of-year field trip coming up? As students in Hialeah wrap up the school year, local museums, the beach and the zoo among many other places see an influx of children eager to escape the classroom for one day before summer vacation.

You’ve got your kids all rallied up for an educational trip to the Miami Art Museum to finish their art inspired projects. The field trip save-the-date has been sent out and parent permission granted. The school bus was booked, but now it fell through. Thank goodness for A. Oliveros Transportation. We are ready to take your kids on a safe journey to your field trip destination. There’s no raining on the parade when AOT is involved (unless the rain is outside, but our buses will keep you dry)! We’d even be happy to provide your entire school with transportation to the many field trips and other activities in and around Hialeah.

There’s nothing we regard higher than safety. We are a fast and reliable local school bus service. Our buses go through bi-weekly maintenance inspections so that there’s no breakdowns on the side of the road. We’re even proud to say we belong in the 21st century since we provide GPS trackers to ensure real-time monitoring of all location data.

Furthermore, when you’re traveling with AOT, you don’t have to worry about the ride. You can spend all of your resources interacting with and entertaining your students. Let AOT take care of the transportation services.