Transportation can be an issue when you are in the construction industry. A construction site, particularly in Miami, is generally not easy to access. A. Oliveros Transportation is the local solution for all of your transportation needs. We offer private school bus service, special event shuttle, athletic team transportation, and even construction site solutions. We run our busses and shuttles year round, not just through the school year, meaning if you need school bus services for your child this summer, we are waiting and ready. A. Oliveros Transportation always is ready to take you wherever you need to go. We give you the freedom to enjoy an event without having to worry about parking or arriving safely. Our safety record is second to none and we take great pride in getting our clients to and from their destinations as, safe as possible.

On the subject of construction transportation, as we discussed previously, construction sites almost always have access problems. Think about it, you have a big project, an office building maybe, and you have thought of everything. The initial excavation is finished and the walls are going up, all of a sudden the number of workers at your site doubles. Where do you put them? All of the electricians, the plumbers and may other specialized workers. There is simply no parking for another 150 people. That is where A.Oliveros Transportation comes in; we provide job site access with little or no worry about parking issues. We will shuttle all of the workers from a designated area straight to the jobsite. We take pride in offering the peace of mind of your workers showing up on time everyday safely. We can offer creative solutions for any of your transportation issues. Please contact us today to discuss your unique situation, if it is transportation related, we can help!