1. Transportation Services For 2017

    As the holidays seem to sneak up on us faster every year, it is then that we realize that the school year is essentially half over. It is a time of holiday parties, spending time with friends and family, and reflecting back on the wonderful year that has past. The weather is getting nicer and it is shaping up to be an amazing holiday season. A. Oliveros Transportation would like to be your transpo…Read More

  2. A Special Time

    Standing by the curb, you both look down the street for the school bus; it is the first day of school and the nerves are running high. With a gentle smile, mommy leans over and hugs her daughter; these are the moments that they both will remember for the rest of their lives. The shaking anticipation, a sense of purpose, a new year full of promise and it all begins as soon as the bus arrives. Way d…Read More

  3. School Starts, Mommy is Happy

    The kids are fighting in the living room and you are curled up in the pantry with a box of Pop-tarts®. School starts in a little over a month, and you are pretty sure that the kids will be in some sort of a military style camp for five-year-olds. Mommy needs a day off before she is driven crazy with all of the insanity that is summer vacation. Take heart, as long as the start of the school year f…Read More

  4. Holiday Party Transportation

    Are you looking to celebrate with your co-workers during the holiday season but keep running into transportation snags? Don’t let transportation ruin your holiday fun and bonding! Call A. Oliveros Transportation to shuttle you and your co-workers out for a memorable night on the town in a private school bus. No need to worry about drinking and driving. Sometimes, you just need to let loose and h…Read More

  5. Rent A Private School Bus Service For Your Party In Hialeah

    Do you dream of a fun and exciting party that’s outside the box? We have some ideas for you! The best part is that when you coordinate with A. Oliveros Transportation, you can invite all of your friends with you to your party since you can rent a private school bus service to take you around the Hialeah and Miami areas. Cocktail Canvas Take as many as 25 of your friends into a B.Y.O.B. paint cla…Read More

  6. The Personal Help that Comes From our Private School Bus Service in Hialeah

    There’s nothing better than having something work to your particular benefit. For those of you that are parents in Hialeah, you may need a personalized transportation service for your children. Our private school bus service can be acquired and fully taken advantage of. There’s no need to feel as if you are doing a disservice to your child at all, as we provide this private service for dozens …Read More

  7. A Punctually Perfect Private School Bus Service in Hialeah

    There's been thousands of sayings and expressions for being on time for appointments over the span of our time on this planet, which is why we take it very seriously; especially since it's a must-have aspect to our business. Kids need to be on time to their private schools, and then some! They need a few minutes to get off the bus when they arrive, then followed by a few minutes to get to their ap…Read More