1. A. Oliveros, Offering Unrivaled Bus Services

    If you are a teacher, you know. If you are a teacher and a parent, you truly know. You know how valuable it is to have a bus transportation service to fall back on when you need one. Sure, the public school buses are just fine, but A. Oliveros Transportation offers much more than simply a safe, efficient way to get your children to school, we offer a variety of services that you may not even reali…Read More

  2. Bus Transportation to Sun Life Stadium!

    Guess what time it is? No not garbage day, but that reminds me… Anyway that’s right, it is the most magical time of year, and that time is football season. The chase for Super Bowl 51 begins and the lights of Friday night are beacons to the happiest places on earth. The Dolphins are playing as well as can be expected, of course the season is one week old. That is beside the point however and t…Read More

  3. Transportation To Your Construction Site

    Lets face it, construction is generally happening year round and all over the city of Hialeah. Construction already causes traffic congestion and delays that can continue on for weeks or even months. When many workers are on the site at the same time, it can also be difficult to find places for all of the construction workers to park their vehicles without causing more of a disruption to traffic. …Read More

  4. Got a New Job? Need Transportation for your Child? AOT Has you Covered with Bus Transportation

    You work full-time and you have kids who need to be able to get to school. You worry about finding safe transportation that you trust for your kids and feel it’s a difficult task. You have asked around to friends and family and have yet to find someone who’s availability allows them to take and pick up your kids from school. You know there is an option out there, but public transportation isn…Read More

  5. Bus Transportation is a Great Option for Religious Retreats

    Your church is planning a retreat for the youth and you need to find transportation for all the kids. The location is several hours away. There are some options you have to make this work. First, you could put out a call for people to drive their own vehicles to and from the location. However, there are some problems with taking a caravan. One problem with doing a caravan is you want the retreat t…Read More

  6. Take a Field Trip to Remember, but Not for the Bad Transportation

    When planning that next field trip to the museum, you will want to hire the transportation company with the highest safety record to drive the school kids there and back carefully. There is nothing worse than having to add worry with poor driving or bad habits that make the drive to the museum unsafe or questionable on the day of a trip with a large group of kids. Added chaos is appealing to very …Read More

  7. Brilliantly Memorable Bus Transportation in Hialeah

    Riding the bus is one of the fondest memories a lot of us had as kids. We can remember all of the laughs, the moments sitting next to friends, and the little love taps we got from kids we were best friends with. Getting on a bus meant that we were getting on something that was going to take us away from our home and on an adventure, whether it be to school or to a summer camp. Our bus transportati…Read More

  8. Bus Transportation In Hialeah Takes Charge!

    Since we have been providing bus transportation in Hialeah for nearly 30 years, we have made quite the respectable reputation for ourselves. Plus, being that we have been doing this for so long and haven't made mistakes, A. Oliveros Transportation has become a household name for safe passage. We are a family-oriented company and we have nothing but the utmost respect for the family-oriented lifest…Read More