Guess what time it is? No not garbage day, but that reminds me… Anyway that’s right, it is the most magical time of year, and that time is football season. The chase for Super Bowl 51 begins and the lights of Friday night are beacons to the happiest places on earth. The Dolphins are playing as well as can be expected, of course the season is one week old. That is beside the point however and their record really doesn’t matter, as long as the opportunity to get together with friends and soak up the atmosphere of Sun Life Stadium. The worst part about going to a game is the traffic, the parking and driving home when the game is over. Well, A. Oliveros Transportation is the answer. We are not simply a private school bus service, we offer bus transportation to events like Dolphins games.

Go Dolphins

Think of it. Yeah the Dolphins are pretty terrible, but that will change. You and your buddies can charter a bus with us and head to the game, worry free! No parking, no traffic hassles and of course ample room for lots of people! It is the ideal game day situation! The only thing that you have to worry about is the money that you put down on the Dolphins at work, because more than likely, you may as well consider that a donation.

Event Transportation

Yes, at A. Oliveros Transportation we provide private school bus transportation, event transportation and bus services for all sorts of events. The football season is heating up and now is the time to schedule your charter for the big game, regardless of the Dolphins reccord. The schedule will fill up fast so please do not wait, the time to plan your gameday is now! Call us today for more details!