Your church is planning a retreat for the youth and you need to find transportation for all the kids. The location is several hours away. There are some options you have to make this work.

First, you could put out a call for people to drive their own vehicles to and from the location. However, there are some problems with taking a caravan. One problem with doing a caravan is you want the retreat to be a bonding experience, start to end. Having parents or leaders drive costs more money per vehicle than to rent a bus. Also, because you’re using gas in multiple vehicles, it’s not as economical.

In addition, if more leaders have to drive for the caravan, they either have to make the commute twice or they have to pay for lodging at the retreat location, which will have to be paid out of someone’s budget and can be expensive. Another downside is making sure the parents have the proper paperwork and insurance. If they will be joining the kids on the retreat, they should each have a background check done and make sure they are covered by the insurance plan for the church.

Finally, you don’t want to trust just anyone driving the kids and leaders. Don’t labor over all these details. Make it easy by hiring bus transportation for the kids and leaders. For your next religious retreat, call A. Oliveros Transportation (AOT). We can do the driving, so the kids can ride together. We are in compliance with the State of Florida and Miami-Dade County Public Schools rules and regulations. We are also certified and our busses are well maintained. Check out our website for more information on training. We’ll ensure your safety on the ride to and from the retreat location. When in the Miami/Hialeah area, get bus transportation at its finest with AOT.