Since we have been providing bus transportation in Hialeah for nearly 30 years, we have made quite the respectable reputation for ourselves. Plus, being that we have been doing this for so long and haven’t made mistakes, A. Oliveros Transportation has become a household name for safe passage. We are a family-oriented company and we have nothing but the utmost respect for the family-oriented lifestyle and progress in this country that we love so much. We hold your children’s safety dear to our hearts, which is why we are your best choice for bus transportation in Hialeah. 

Certified by Miami-Dade County Public Schools, our bus transportation in Hialeah is fully qualified, experienced, and ready to take you or your children to whatever destination you need in this area. We not only provide transportation to public, charter, and private schools, but we provide transportation to religious retreats, sporting events, summer camps, and family/personal events. This is how truly remarkable and versatile our operation is, as we take people to the places that they need to go, and then some.

To help you better sleep at night, our buses are thoroughly analyzed, maintenanced, serviced, inspected, and evaluated before ever leaving our garage. We also carry the best insurance possible in order to make sure that everyone that travels with us is properly insured. They also carry GPS trackers, so we can monitor their locations at all times. If you have any further questions about our bus transportation in Hialeah, please feel free to give us a call!

Bus Transportation Hialeah