When in high school it is great to get involved. You can join a club, play a sport, or be known for taking AP classes. Getting involved with your peers is a great way to increase your high school experience. Some of the best memories from high school are bus rides to and from sporting events or other team activities.

On the bus you can hear chatter, laughter, tears, inquiries, remarks, and cheers. There is a lot of bonding that goes on during the bus rides to and from competitions. There is talk about life, the love of the game, upcoming school events, and of course strategizing techniques. It is also a time to get amped up, listen to music, munch on a snack, or kick out some undesirable homework. Usually once an event is finished, you can feel the outcome on the bus. If you have lost an event, the energy on the bus is sure to match the feeling of defeat. However, if your team has won, the vibes on the bus will be upbeat, excited, and fearless. For away games, teammates will usually stop and share a meal to re-energize their bodies and reflect on what has just occurred. Together, they will express feelings and thoughts about the game that they just came from. Then they will head back to the bus that will take them back to the school to either be picked up by a friend or family member or drive themselves home.

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