Riding the bus is one of the fondest memories a lot of us had as kids. We can remember all of the laughs, the moments sitting next to friends, and the little love taps we got from kids we were best friends with. Getting on a bus meant that we were getting on something that was going to take us away from our home and on an adventure, whether it be to school or to a summer camp. Our bus transportation in Hialeah is outstanding in every way, from our drivers to our busses to the positive environments we provide. Not only are we one of our your safest options for bus transportation in this area, but we are your primary choice for making your children some very fond memories.

All of our drivers are:

Held to the highest of standards in order to ensure that they provide exceptionally great customer service
All of our drivers are thoroughly trained and certified to state regulations and requirements
They all comply with Miami-Dade County Public Schools and State of Florida rules and regulations
They must adhere to the physical and reflex exams they are tested on at the beginning of each school year
They have to complete a mandatory forty-hour training course on passenger and safety transport
They have to complete and obtain a CDL (commercial driver license) in compliance with local and state laws
Take and pass annually-given drug and alcohol tests, which are mandatory and random throughout the year