It’s our duty to hold our drivers to the highest standards and they, themselves, know it deep in their bones. They take their job extremely seriously. They know that they are in charge and responsible for the lives of a bunch of precious little human beings. They understand this and they would never do anything that would be considered to be “risky.” Our intelligent drivers always provide friendly customer service and will treat your “babies” like they were royalty. Our drivers love what they do and do so with smiles on their faces. All of our drivers and buses continuously comply with the State of Florida and Miami-Dade County Public Schools’ rules and regulations.

To begin with, our drivers must abide by a mandatory forty-hour training course on safety and passenger transport. They must earn a Commercial Driver License in compliance with state and local laws. Plus, they have to take physical and reflex exams at the beginning of every year. They are constantly under physical health scrutiny with drug and alcohol tests. They take one test annually and each driver has to take random tests throughout the year. We want you to feel completely assured that you and your children will get a very responsible private schools bus service in Hialeah!


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