kids1Standing by the curb, you both look down the street for the school bus; it is the first day of school and the nerves are running high. With a gentle smile, mommy leans over and hugs her daughter; these are the moments that they both will remember for the rest of their lives. The shaking anticipation, a sense of purpose, a new year full of promise and it all begins as soon as the bus arrives. Way down the street they see A. Oliveros’s private school bus turn the corner and head towards you both. The daugher is shaking with anticipation and excitement as the bus slowly comes down the street and crunches to a stop in front of them.

New Adventures

Mother leans down to kiss her daughter with tears in her eyes and wipes her eyes. Daughter turns and bounds up the stairs greeting all of her friends with squeals of joy. The window pops down and a little voice rises from inside, “I love you mommy!”. Mother waves back and brushes another tear from her face and says “I love you baby girl”. The bus lurches and slowly grinds away from the curb. The arms of her daughter waving in the distance are visible for another block and then they turn towards new adventures.


The mother stares at the ground in a moment of reflection and wipes away, yet another tear. “They grow up so fast,” she thinks. After collecting her thoughts, she straightened her dress and looked down the street again, just in time to see an A. Oliveros bus turn the corner. The bus seemed to take hours to cover the half-block distance and mothers’ anticipation and excitement were building. The bus crunched to a stop in front of her and the door swung open. There on the bus, were all the mommys and not a tear in sight, because these moms had been home all summer. And as the bus pulled away the sign on the back said “Happy Hour Or Bust”